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Kali Mantra For Intense Pain

असहनीय पीड़ा के लिए काली शाबर मंत्र
Kali Shabar Mantra To Remove Intense Pain

Thousands of people worldwide suffer from intense pain in their bodies, but that doesn't mean that you have to welcome it into your life without a fight. Whether it's from an injury, illness, or old age, lower back pain can be mitigated with the right knowledge and right use of mantra. This shabar mantra helps to reduce and remove the intense pain from the body.

How To Chant The Mantra
  • Start the sadhana on any night facing south.
  • Wear Blue clothes for this purpose and sit on blue seat.
  • Lit an oil lamp before the picture of Goddess Kali.
  • Take some water, rice & flowers with you.
  • Chant 108 times of this mantra with Black Hakeek Rosary.
  • While chanting each mantra, put water, rice & flowes in a separate vessel.
  • After completion of the chants, rotate this vessel 7 times on the person having the intense pain.
  • Throw the water, rice & flowers into the south direction away from home.
  • The intense pain will fade away in a short period of time.


काली रात एक नदी वीर, सात समुद्र का जगमग तीर, कामाख्या रानी का गौरी पिण्डा, भैरवनाथ हरो सब पीरा, शब्द सांचा पिण्ड काचा, फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरोवाचा॥
"Kali Raat Ek Nadi Veer, Saat Smudar Ka Jagmag Teer, Kamakhya Rani Ka Gauri Pinda, Bhairavnath Haro Sabh Peera, Shabad Sancha Pind Kancha, Furo Mantra Ishwarovacha"

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Janos Melocco says:
Sep, 6th, 2014, 06:21 PM

This is a very powerful mantra, thank you! It took me several days of lonely walks as a Westerner to learn as Guruji chants. Pain and nervousness is truly decreased. As with many Shabar mantras, I understand only a few words... I would love to research as this mantra constantly goes on in my head and I included it in my daily sadhan. I am reading up on teachings on Bhairavnath and Vaishno Devi. The mantra's end - the last four lines - is similar to the Mantra to deflect Mangal Dosh... I wonder if there are other languages in it than Sanskrit, I feel a different rhythm. Or simply that high Gurus initiated know. What is the rhyming Teer, Veer, Peer (+end sound)? Gauri comes in other mantric text too - like the Kailash bhajan...

Guru Shakti says:
Sep, 10th, 2014, 01:31 PM

Janos Melocco, Shabar mantras were created after vedic era and is a different language. Teer means arrow, Veer means brother or god, Peer means saint or deity.