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Prana Pratistha of Yantra - FAQs

The Prana Pratistha of Yantra - Energizing The YantraPran partishtha of Yantra
यन्त्र प्राण प्रतिष्ठा 

What is prana pratishtha of Yantra?
Prana Pratishtha of Yantra simply means energizing the Yantra with cosmic power. Just as the sadhaka is ritually transformed by the rites of initiation, so the yantra has to undergo a complete ritual transformation in order to be accessible for worship. One of the most Important rituals of yantra worship is the infusing of vital force or prana)into the geometrical pattern of the yantra, called 'pranapratistha'. The goal is to cause the spiritual universe underlying myth and iconography to descend into the yantra so that jt becomes a radiant emblem and receptacle of cosmic power , and conclousness (chaitanya), transforming into sacred archetypal space what is phenomenally no more than a mere design.

The transfer of power from the sadhaka yantra changes the nature of the diagram, So that the yantra becomes a powerful means of contact between the sadhaka and the cosmos. The Yantra without is mere a metal or matter. The pran of yantra can only be done by a person with jagrat or chaitanya prana of his own. Only a few persons in the world has Jagrat or Chaitanya Prana. This kind of person has manifested minimum of 2 Mahavidyas and lot of other sadhnas.

What are the Steps to energize the Yantra?
1.Yantra Sthapna - In the beginning of the ritual, yantra sthapana the Yantra is placed on a wooden pedestal.
2.Pitha Puja - The Yantra is purified with divine mantras.
3.Bhutapasarana - To remove the negative vibrations of the Yantra.
4.Digbandhana - Symbolically binds the four quarters of space of the Yantra.
5.Bhutasuddhi - I
n which the deification of the body is achieved by the symbolic dissolution of the five elements. Each element is dissolved by the chanting of mantras. 
6.Nyasa - The sadhaka uses meditation to concentrate deeply on the deities, and performs the ritual of Nyasa in which he touches various parts of his body white reciting mantras.
7.Invoking of Devtas - By Beej mantras & Prayers with pp mantras.
8.Mudras and Pranayam - Various Mudras like 
'tortoise mudra' 
9.Particular Mantras - each yantra is pp with different mantras.
10.Shakti staphna - The pranapratistha ceremony effects a transformation of the yantra, which now begins to function on a different level of reality. It has become a receptacle of divine manifestations, divinity in abstract form.

What are the other ways to energize the Yantra?
1.Sometimes Fire Ceremony is arranged to energize the Yantra. 
​2.Power of a competent Guru can easily energize the Yantra. A touch of Guru can energize the Yantra completely.

Important: Follow Some Basic Guidelines To Ensure Success In  Mantra Sadhna. Contact us for any question regarding this sadhna or any issues related to life. Know about the aims & objects of Yantra.

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