Guru Shakti

Garbasth Shishu Chetna Mantra

Increase Baby’s IQ in The Womb 
गर्भस्थ शिशु चेतना मंत्र

This powerful mantra is used to enhance the intelligence of the unborn baby. This powerful mantra is also used for overall growth & health of the unborn baby. This powerful mantra was given by Lord Krishna to Subadhra, the mother of “Abhimanyu”. It is well known fact in Mahabharata that “Abhimanyu” listened to his father’s words (Arjuna) in the womb of his mother . 

baby iq in womb

"Om Hreem Garbasthay Suchetnay Phat"

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Note: This Mantra can only be used by
 the Disciples of Guruji. The procedure or vidhi can only be given to selected disciples.

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