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Shabar Mahakali Mantra For Employment

Shabar Mahakali Mantra For Employment
रोज़गार प्राप्ति शाबर महाकाली मंत्र

This Mahakali Shabar mantra is a unique and very effective mantra to get the desired job quickly. The Mahakali Shabar mantra is very simple to chant. One must do it with complete devotion and faith. The mantra has been tested by many sadhaks.

 How To Chant The Mantra
This Mahakali Mantra is chanted at an auspicious time.
Worship the Goddess Mahakali with flowers.
Lit an oil lamp and Loban dhoop or incense.
Chant 1008 times of this mantra in a single sitting.
The mantra creates the favorable atmosphere to get a suitable job.

"Om Kaali Kankali Bhairav Samandar Jiye Piyali Char Veer Bhairo Chorasi tab tu Pujo
                             Paan Mithai Ach Bolo Kali Ki Duhai"

"ॐ काली कंकाली भैरव समन्दर जिऐ पियाली चार वीर भैरों चौरासी तब तु पूजो पान मिठाई अच बोलो काली की दुहाई ।"

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