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Mangalik Dosha Nivaran Mantra

माँगलिक़ दोष मिटाने का शाबऱ मंत्र
Mangalik Dosha Nivaran Mantra

Mangal Dosha is an astrological combination that occurs if Mangal or Mars is in the 1st,2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the ascendant chart. A person born in the presence of this condition is termed a manglik. This condition is astrologically believed to be unfavourable for marriages, causing discomfort and tension in relationship, leading to severe disharmony among the spouses and eventually to other bigger problems. This is attributed to the "fiery" nature of Mars, the planet of war.  This mantra removes the Manglik Yoga & increase the chances of marriage and marital bliss thereafter.

How To Chant The Mantra

Start From Tuesday preferably in a temple facing north.
Wear Red dress for this purpose & sit on a red seat.
Worship Lord Shiva with incense & flowers.
Lit an oil lamp before lord Shiva.
Chant 5 rosaries of this shabar mantra.
Do this for 4 Tuesdays only.
After completion of chant offer some gifts to small girls.


ॐ सकल दोष बांधू मंगल बांधू उपद्रव बांधू सातों द्वार नवकोट खीलूं, श्री गोरखनाथ शब्द सांचा पिण्ड काचा, फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरोवाचा ।।

Om Sakal Dosh Bandhu Mangal Bandhu Updrava Bandhu Satoon Dwar Navkot Khiloon Shree Gorakhnath Shabad Sancha Pind Kacha Phuro Mantra Ishwarovacha

Click Here To Listen The Manglik Dosha Nivarana Mantra By Guruji

Important: You are Advised to recieve Deeksha or permission from Guruji to get the results of this Hanuman mantra.
Follow Some Basic Guidelines To Ensure Success In Hanuman Mantra Sadhna. Contact us for any question regarding this sadhna.

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lakshmi says:
Nov, 11th, 2014, 02:37 PM

Namasthe Guru ji, Can i read this mantra on behalf of my sister and for myself at the same time and and offering gifts is on every tuesday or after. 4 tuesday and offer two gifts on behalf of my sister and myself on 4th tuesday after chant is that ok.

Guru Shakti says:
Nov, 12th, 2014, 05:38 PM

Lakshmi, one by one you can.

lakshmi says:
Nov, 13th, 2014, 12:24 AM

Thank you Guru ji

Swadesh Datta says:
Nov, 14th, 2014, 10:17 AM

Pranam Guruji, Can you please give us such a mantra for Kaal Sarp Dosh? Thanking you...

Guru Shakti says:
Nov, 16th, 2014, 05:04 PM

Swadesh Datta, Recite Dwadash Naam of Mansa Devi daily.

priya mohanty says:
Nov, 25th, 2014, 11:58 AM

sir i want talk with u about my sister kindly give me your no.

Guru Shakti says:
Nov, 28th, 2014, 04:52 PM

priya mohanty, I suggest You to mail to Guruji on [email protected]

Sahil pandit says:
Dec, 13th, 2014, 01:27 AM

Guru ji everyone says mangalik dish is very bad for married life but I believe in god nothing else...

Guru Shakti says:
Dec, 14th, 2014, 03:18 PM

sahil pandit, you can do this sadhna.