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Tripura Bhairavi Mantra

Bhairavi Mantra

Bhairavi possesses the effulgence of a thousand rising suns. She has three eyes and wears a jeweled crown with the crest of the moon. Her lotus face is happy and smiling. She wears a red garment (generally made of silk), her breasts are smeared with blood, and she is adorned with a garland of severed human heads. She has four hands and carries a rosary and a book. She makes the gestures of knowledge and that for giving boons with the other two hands.
This Tripura Bhairavi sadhna is performed for getting all  the material comforts in life. The sadhna can provide you with magnetism and love all around. This sadhna should be done for getting success in life.

How To Chant The Mantra

  • Start fro Tuesday night after 10 pm facing north.

  • Woship Tripura Bhairavi Yantra or picture with flowers and incense.

  • Lit a ghee lamp before the picture of Tripura Bhairavi.

  • Chant 10 rosaries of this mantra for consecutive 21 days.

  • After sadhna offer some gifts to girls.

  • After 21 days , you will observe the divine grace of Tripura Bhairavi.


।।   ह   सैं   ह   स   करी   ह   सैं   ।।
Ha: Saim Ha: Sa: Kreem Ha: Saim

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Important: You Have To Receive Deeksha or permission from Guruji to get the results of this mantra.

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kamal says:
Mar, 13th, 2014, 10:00 AM

I want to be a tantric. So I need a good PRACHIN YANTRA MANTRA TANTRA MAHASHASTRA KITAB (BANGLA Varsion). So I need your Help. Please Help me GURU